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How to Read This Blog

Why a blog and why now?

Since there are numerous blogs out there and many done by better writers/thinkers than me, I have resisted doing my own until now. There are two main reasons.

  1. It is a way that I can process my thinking on various topics. I find when I try to explain my thoughts to another person, it helps clarify my understanding and identify gaps I still have. Of course, part of my processing here is intended to be in conversation with you, the reader, via comments or feedback.
  2. There are many friends and family in my circle of influence who do not read or are not aware of the blogs of other, better writers/thinkers and thus I can have a legitimate impact on those who know me personally. In fact, it is this personal connection which I hope to leverage to get you, my friends and family, to consider new ways of thinking or at least a different perspective.

As a biblical scholar who is interested in the classical world and archaeology, I hope to share thoughts, insights, and musings that will not just be interesting trivia, but that will contribute toward helping us all live life better and read Scripture in a more informed way. That said, since I have diverse interests, you will eventually find blog posts on a variety of topics, some of which will have nothing to do with biblical scholarship. Posts may be infrequent, but will hopefully be worth your time in reading.

What is the intent of this blog?

This blog is a place of exploration and conversation. I plan to post ideas and thoughts of various levels of maturity. Sometimes what I write will be on a topic to which I have given much thought, while other times I will post on thoughts which I have only begun to explore. In either case, I don’t intend this forum to be the “final word” on my thinking and hope to learn from many of you.

Another goal I have is to lead you, the reader, to new thoughts or ways of thinking. In both my personal experience and academic education, I have gone through many stages of development and have shifted in my beliefs (in positive ways I hope). As such, I hope that the articulation of that development will in turn have a positive impact on you.